About us

Our mission

The electronic industry is a worldwide precursor in respect of innovation, dynamic and ongoing change. An endless number of companies are permanently engaged in development and production of seminal electronic products and require the sufficient electronic components; but nevertheless the distribution of parts for proved devices must be ensured even at delivery shortages and product allocation.

XT-components is an independent wholesale company, whose small committed team is specialised for the delivery of electronc components.

We do not convince by great promises, but by achievement.

XT-components  adds almost all well-known manufacturers of electronc products to its clientele. Our good reputation is based on simple principles.

Reliability, Experience, Customer Orientation

1、Experienced technical support team to provide customers with high quality electronic components
2、Advanced global logistics, the shortest delivery time is 2 days, shortening the delivery time and saving costs for you.
3、Years of integrity management has enabled us to establish long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.