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Since 2001 XT- COMPONENTS supplies the industry successfully with active, passive and electromechanical components.

Our core business is the short term delivery of obsolete, hard-to-find and discontinued electronic components for current production shortages.

With our online partsearch tool you can instantly check if we can supply the requested part.

About us 


Our Professional after sales service, support and maintenance is critical to the success of any system supplier using electronic products to deploy their services. XT- components  provide an extensive, full product life cycle service for any product they have manufactured. This professional after sales service incorporates full logistics support including managing returns directly from your end customer to XT- components 's dedicated Service Centre for fault diagnostics,repair,reprogramming and return.


Quality of the supplied products is the keyword of our companies' philosophy.

XT-components  only obtains products from reliable sources. If there is a potential risk our customers will be informed in advance.

Counterfeit parts represent a worldwide problem these days.XT -components  implemented effective procedures to prevent trading these components.

These procedures are subject to continuous enhancement.